About the Beader

Additional Information

Artist: ToriAnn Mailboy 

Tribe: Diné

Instagram: @Beadwork_by_Toriann

I use Pellon Peltex one-sided fusible stabilizer, use size 10 needles, size 11 beads, nymo nylon thread size d in white, and sparkley vinyl backing for everything I do. I love to bead. I've been beading about 5-6 years now and I love it. It definitely takes alot of patience and that's something I don't have but for beading I do. Lol. I love getting feedback on my work and the materials I use. I definitely work with my customers needs and wants when it comes to earrings. 

I'm very patient when they decide on patterns, gems, colors, posts or hooks etc... trustworthy and loyal is a big thing for me between me and my customers. I definitely want them to trust me. Especially when I have a big order. I definitely enjoy this hobby. I definitely see and hoping it get bigger and out there❤


Meet the Sliversmith

Ya'at'eeh! (Hello) Tyler Nez owner of Ty Nez Jewelry i am from a small town from northern Arizona called Rocky Ridge, located on the Diné (Navajo) reservation. My creations are by mixing the old with the new contemporary style navajo Jewelry. My work has been inspired though my great great grandfather who was a silversmith. Each piece is made with hozho x40 vibes 

Social Media

Instagram: @Ty_Nez_Jewelry